lundi 8 avril 2013


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Anonyme a dit…

Nick Trigili. NICK TRIGILI!!!
(Where's he from? sw PA?)
Sometimes he's SO handsome - it ought to be illegal for him to be seen in public! Like in pix 4, 18, 20, 34, 38, but ESP #13!
17 shows off the assets of his ass to best advantage (only thing better - more beautiful, more adorable, would be his ass unadorned! Do it, boy! show the world your ever-lovin' asshole!)
I know! I know! he has a bad case of bitch tits. Love him anyway!
And which one is he in pic 37? In 45-54 he's too slenderized for the bb contest! His sex-appeal has disappeared - evaporated! Still adore him!
Nick, NICK, bless you! May Heaven shower you with all the best of the bestissimo! I love you - can't help it!

Anonyme a dit…

Another important fact:
How great - how beautiful, he looks with his girlfriend (or wife)in pix 24,25,26,30,31!

I'm getting used to these handsome young musclemen flaunting their "heterosexuality"!
(I know, I know -, it almost seems inconceivable that some men are interested in - sexually attracted! to WOMEN! So strange. But we must let them be who nature seems to have designed them that way....)
Let them be! God bless them! God bless us all!
Seriously, Nick, may you find complete happiness & fulfillment in every way in your life & with your beautiful wife!
I sincerely hope you forgive my outrageous gushing over you - if you didn't want some gay guys to fall head-over-heels in love with you, you should have been born ugly. And for those of us who go ga-ga for musclemen (NOT ALL gays by a long stretch!) But for guys like me, you shouldn't have taken up bodybuilding!