lundi 22 avril 2013


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Anonyme a dit…

From Wales. (Swansea, right? I've actually been there!)
JAMES LEWIS! James "Flex" Lewis! JAMIE BOY!
What can I say? I LOVE HIM! He brings out every ounce of LUST in me! (Look at him in the next to the last pic, for an example why!)BUT also - ALSO -(I want that UNDERSTOOD - & without an 'ffin' DOUBT!) he brings out ALL the LOVE in me - in my ENTIRE BEING!
I never want anything bad to happen to him! ONLY GOOD! Only good should come his way! May he have the happiest, most blessed life of anybody who's ever lived!
[I do understand, that all sunshine makes a desert & if he has no troubles/heartaches to teach him to appreciate the good when he has it poured out over him - then he will have no soul growth...still, Beloved God, I beseech you, raise up in him an abundance of (divine) wisdom & understanding so his soul can blossom & flower with a minimum of suffering.]
Don't no why that is - wish it could be otherwise...but it seems this world was designed to make us suffer - so that we can learn & grow.