mardi 12 novembre 2013


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Anonyme a dit…

If one wanted to print a picture for/under the dictionary definition of the words "sexy" or "hunk": use any one of Sr. Moraes' pix!
What a HUNK! S-E-X-Y!!! as all-get-out! as ANY man can be!

Do I need to actually state it? I'd f*ck him for 4-5 hrs straight! (Make that "gay") I WANT HIM!

Anonyme a dit…

I have never wanted to be a woman & I am NOT usually a jealous or envious person...BUT...when he's kissing his girlfriend (God bless them both! I hope they're as happy & completely compatible together as any 2 people on earth! can be!)...but it's a fact of my life when he's kissing her or just next to her...I'm as jealous as any man could be - of a woman!
If I could (for HIM! but ONLY for him!) I'd become a woman - the kind of woman he'd find super-irresistible OR I'd somehow change places with her...if only for one week with him!
Bruno MORAES Spinelli, I adore you! You have to be the sexiest man on earth!
You've got Jesus Christ tattooed on your chest. May he be in your entire Being!
In your wildest dreams you can't imagine how much I love you & wish ALL the best for you & all those you care for.
Forgive me for wanting you. (I'll forgive you for driving me wild! just by being YOU!)
Again, all the best to you! God bless you - with peace & truly deserved contentment - & so much love & joy in your life that you think you're already in Heaven!