dimanche 23 juin 2013


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Anonyme a dit…

Wow! If I counted right that's 62 pix in the first group; 49 in the second = 111 pix! Wow!
Re Brandon, I like his body when it's more muscular; liked his face when he was younger.
(If I were a wizard, I'd make him taller, handsomer, with an even more magnificently muscled perfectly proportioned physique! I'd use him once a week - look I'm not selfish - so he could have as close to an idyllic life with whomever HE favors/finds irresistible!... Yeah, I'd use him alright - he'd be so sore it'd take him a week to recover. And by then it'd be time to ravish him all over again!)
Bless him! Bless Brandon Beckrich. Bless his boy & everybody else he cares about! Maybe he's bi - but whatever... Protect him from all unwanted predators like me...! LOL!
But if it wasn't for bodybuilders like Brandon, I'd be asexual! It's just the way it is! The way God/nature designed it/me.